Non-GMO Project Verified

It Starts with the Raw Materials

At Garden of Life, it’s our mission to Empower Extraordinary Health for you and your family. One way we can help achieve that mission is to provide the highest quality, purest, Non-GMO products for our consumers. Having our products verified by the Non-GMO Project is paramount to that mission.

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s premier third-party verification program for Non-GMO. It’s a non-profit organization to help preserve a Non-GMO food supply and to give consumers an informed choice and to ensure that we have safe, healthy food.

What it Means to be Non-GMO Project Verified

Woman with tomatoesEvery raw material sent to Garden of Life for evaluation carries a statement from the supplier that it’s not GM or from GM sources. But each raw material has multiple subcomponents. So, saying that one material isn’t GM when it’s manufactured isn’t the same as saying the entire ingredient is not GM-sourced. We need full traceability through the entire ingredient and sub-ingredient supply chain to ensure that raw materials don’t contain GMs.

Just because a supplier says it’s clean doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain GMs. That’s why independent third-party verification matters. To date, there’s no organization as competent or experienced as the Non-GMO Project in the audit of the full raw material supply chain and the verification of GM avoidance in the ingredient.

Their extensive Non-GMO verification process and, hence, the Non-GMO Project Verified label assures that a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance through:

  • verification maintenance by an annual audit and onsite inspections for high-risk products.
  • rigorous traceability and segregation practices (after testing) to ensure ingredient integrity through to the finished product.
  • ensuring that any ingredient that is also grown commercially in GMO form is tested prior to use in a Non-GMO verified product to ensure Non-GMO status.
  • an Action Threshold of 0.9%. This aligns with laws in the European Union, where products containing more than 0.9% GMO must be labeled.
  • a thorough review of ingredient specification sheets to determine absence of GMO risk.

Be sure to look for the Non-GMO Project Verified label on your supplements to achieve Extraordinary Health.

Sandy Kepler

Non-GMO Organic